Mark Stupp*, President, Womens Fitness Clubs of Canada
*Results vary based on individual client circumstances.

In an era of fast past changing technological and digital advances, I was lost. I’m one of those old school guys having found success using direct mail and traditional grass roots marketing and needed to find the right solution to evolve for today’s market conditions. After trying a few SEO firms that had either experience with the tools but not the fitness industry or firms that knew the industry but not the tech tools I landed at TAG. They created a simple to follow plan that all I needed was to sit back and trust their expertise. For an experienced successful entrepreneur not the easiest task to stay out of my own way. Not to mention the lingo and new tools felt so foreign for me. Needless to say as I write this testimonial that it all worked out for the better. As my digital presence grew so did my leads and traffic generation which was all as promised. I was able to migrate away from the print advertising and focus more on the digital opportunities recommended by Tag. They updated my website and populated my site with key words and quality materials recognized by different search engines and voila here I am reaping the rewards all with a reduced acquisition cost. A total win on many levels.

Bill has become a trusted advisor and more than a business associated a friend. Bill and his team are quality individuals that can help you with your digital solutions. Get ahead of the curve. I think it’s vital for your future.

Brian Kosa*, Owner, Glenpointe Spa and Fitnesss
*Results vary based on individual client circumstances.

Super happy with what TAG has provided our health club! The team has been nothing but responsive and the follow through has been great. What I had multiple companies doing for me previously I receive all under one roof efficiently and cost effectively. It’s important for me to have good follow up and strong communication and Andrew and Tee-Ta are excellent with this. We had an extensive Open House campaign recently, and the team at TAG helped with digital, web, FB and e-communication to make it a very successful event. I highly recommend TAG as they’ve proven themselves a great partner in my business.

Mike Valentino*, Owner, Gold’s Gym Eastern NC
(10 locations)
*Results vary based on individual client circumstances.

“Tag Digital Marketing and their team have provided outstanding support and services for our organization. Bill’s team are dedicated, timely and a pleasure to work with. No doubt our transition into being more “Social media savvy” has been greatly enhanced with having a team of experienced professionals making it smooth and effective. I even had another local competitor ask me “Who is doing your social media” because Tag’s efforts were showing up in our markets so strong! Thanks to the Tag Team for all they do!!”

Brian M. Fitzpatrick*, CSA, President / Owner, BrightStar Care Lower Bucks County
*Results vary based on individual client circumstances.

“I have been using TAG Business Strategies for approximately one year to help us improve our search engine results and drive larger numbers of high value prospects to our business. Through their use of unique, timely, and relevant content and knowledge of how search engines work, TAG has improved my results dramatically. We are competing with over 75 established, local companies and TAG has consistently helped us grab more than our fair share of internet-based referrals. TAG has been a great partner and investment for my company.”

Pleasant Lewis*, Owner, 5 Gold’s Gym locations
*Results vary based on individual client circumstances.

“I have been asked about my opinion of TAG Business Strategies and their overall package for digital marketing that has been deployed in our five Florida clubs and currently in the process of adding the Alexandria Va. club as well. Since so many operators have asked me about my experience with TAG since the owner’s conference, I thought it would be much easier to put together a quick status report with information about what our experience with TAG has been to date. Continue reading

Rampi Hijazin*, Owner, 2 BrightStar Care locations in North Carolina
*Results vary based on individual client circumstances.

To Whom it May Concern,

I have been working with the team at TAG since late summer in 2013. At that time, we brought TAG on board to assist with search engine optimization enhancements, blogging on our website page, Facebook and linked in profiles. In regards to positioning of our agency on google, at that time, we were located around the 8th page of the google search for Home Care Continue reading

Mary Zampetti*, Owner, Gold’s Gym Bridgewater
*Results vary based on individual client circumstances.

“You and your staff have been highly responsive to our questions –and we appreciate the excellent customer service.

The last part of the month is really shaping up for us (after a very slow start). I’d be interested to see the PPC report from our Google campaign.

We are very happy to be partnered with TAG!

Sales of student memberships have TRIPLED year over year (70 last May already 215 this) and we were also able to save $3,000 per month by stopping direct mail. So we actually saved money by hiring TAG while increasing sales..”

Gregg Mazza*, Owner, 2 BrightStar Care locations in Florida
*Results vary based on individual client circumstances.

TO: Jayson Pearl- BrightStar Corporate
FROM: Gregg Mazza- Tampa BrightStar
SUBJECT: TAG Business Strategies

Hi Jay,

Hope all is well?! I spoke with Josh Jacobs from TAG and he happened to mention you guys have a meeting this week some time. I wanted to reach out to you to share with you what my experience has been thus far working with them. We have been working with them for over a Continue reading

Gordon Johnson*, Owner 3 Gold’s Gyms in West GA
Director Emeritus, Gold’s Gym Franchisee Association
*Results vary based on individual client circumstances.

“The (Check in and Win Contest by TAG) Hawaii setup and contest has created a phenomenal buzz in the gym. It has generated excitement among members and staff and generated friendly competition between the members. The members love it, the staff loves it. It creates engagement and fun. I have never seen as much sustained excitement as generated by the contest. Happy, happy, happy!”

Dr. Matt Avrit*, McKay’s Mill Dental
*Results vary based on individual client circumstances.

“I had been using a different SEO company for over a year, paying them a fair amount, and continuing to languish on page 2 or 3 – or worse – for all of my keywords. Although we had monthly meetings to discuss, and the fact that they seemed to know their stuff and say the right things, I seemed stuck at that position. A business friend of mine introduced me to TAG and after hesitating for many months I decided to give them a try. My only regret is that I didn’t make the change sooner! Their team took me to the top of page 1 within just a few months and have continued to keep me there! I can’t say enough about the results they have given me and I will continue to refer everyone I know to them!”

Brooks Rankin*, Owner, Gold’s Gym Hanover and West Des Moines
*Results vary based on individual client circumstances.

“We have been very happy working with TAG. The additional SEO and google ads has driven traffic into our club and allowed us to trim our conventional marketing budget. The team at TAG is very responsive and I know that the president of the company is a phone call away. TAG has become a trusted partner in the success of our Gold’s Gym business. I have actually referred other owners as well who are also personal friends which is the best indication of how satisfied I am.”

Todd Levine*, Owner 2 Gold’s Gyms in NY
Gold’s Gym Franchisee Association Director
*Results vary based on individual client circumstances.

“I can’t begin to thank you all enough for the tremendous amount of work you have done for our clubs. It took a long time for me to feel comfortable with your organization, as I tend to over-analyze everything – so I am often “a little late to the party”. I am so glad I finally made the decision that I believe has made a huge impact on both of our clubs! Continue reading