Call Tracking: Take the Guesswork Out of Your Digital Marketing Spend

Developing campaigns and running ads is a basic element of marketing for every business, but how do you know if the money you’re spending is returning a profit?

Measuring your outgoing expenditures against incoming profits is a best practice in marketing, and tracking your ROI ensures that your marketing spend is effective, efficient, and successful.

In today’s highly digital world, there are dozens of channels (like Google, Facebook, and Instagram) for today’s consumers to find what they are looking for. How do you know which of these opportunities is the best allocation for your marketing dollars?

Call tracking.

The ability to track and record incoming calls gives you, as a club owner, a real-time snapshot of where your business leads are originating. You can determine the landing pages that are generating calls and identify the keywords working most successfully. You can even tell which ads are working best.

Call tracking not only helps you evaluate how your online advertising is performing, but it also provides owners and managers with an understanding of how staff are handling inbound calls. It’s a great coaching tool and opportunity to improve your team’s skill in engaging prospects and closing the sale.

By recording inbound inquiries, for example, you can illustrate the importance of really listening to the caller, engaging in the discussion, and helping the caller realize that your gym is what he or she needs to improve fitness.

Does your front desk know how to accurately answer questions about membership? Can they describe services and amenities? Call tracking can help you identify what your team needs to improve customer service and sales skills — as well as confidence — when interacting with both members and potential members.

Add power to your digital marketing punch. Contact your TAG account manager to find out about call tracking, monitoring your ROI, and boosting your business!